Zachary Lagha, Figure Skater & Pianist

Figure Skater & Pianist

Zachary Lagha is born on April 15, 1999 in Quebec (Canada). Passionate and talented, he started to skate and play piano simultaneously at the age of 5.
As a younger boy, Zachary went to Felix Leclerc music primary school where he developed his interest in arts.  He particularly cherishes ballet and ice skating. He is also very active in music and practices regularly the piano, preparing for competitions and concerts.

In ice dance, Zachary pursues a very good season 2018/19, winning a silver and a gold medal at the two ISU International Grand prix 2018 assignations with his partner, Marjorie Lajoie. They won their participation to the Grand Prix Final, which was held last december. They finished 4th missing the bronze by merely 0.03 point. They are gold medalists at the Canadian Nationals 2019, with another canadian record. They finished 1st over all at the last ISU Junior World with an international record, after getting 3 gold medals for the short and long program as well as the combined scores.

Zachary is actually studying in human sciences at CEGEP Edouard Montpetit where he has the opportunity to share his time between his studies, ice skating and music.

Zachary Lagha in concert with OSMM, Montreal
Don Quichotte, Free Dance Program, Canadian Championship Event